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2013, N2, pp. 04-10

D. I. Kamalova, A.B. Remizov, E.R. Shaimukhametova, F.M. Gumerov, F.R. Gabitov

Effect of supercritical carbon dioxide on secondary relaxation transitions in polysulphone and polycarbonate: method of conformational probes

To study the local molecular mobility of polysulphone and polycarbonate processed in supercritical carbon dioxide the FTIR-spectroscopic method of conformational probes is applied. The temperatures and nature of secondary relaxation transitions are determined. The effect of supercritical fluid processing on relaxation transitions in polymers and on the difference in conformation enthalpies of probe molecules is analyzed.

Key words: local molecular dynamics, FTIR spectroscopy, glassy polymers, relaxation transition, method of conformational probes, supercritical carbon dioxide

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