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2013, N2, pp. 61-67

M.D. Samsonov, T.I. Trofimov, S.E. Vinokurov, Yu.M. Kulyako, B.F. Myasoedov

Dissolution of oxide nuclear fuel in sub-acid ferric nitrate solutions and extraction of uranium from it using tributyl phosphate-containing supercritical carbon dioxide

Solubility of UO2(NO3)2-tributyl phosphate (TBP) complex in liquid and supercritical (SC) carbon dioxide as a function of temperature and pressure is measured. This complex is formed during the dissolution of uranium oxide in two-phase system consisting of aqueous iron nitrate solution and liquid or supercritical CO2 saturated with TBP. Kinetics of ceramic UO2 dissolution in such two-phase solvent is studied. The feasibility of the recovery of uranium from spent oxide nuclear fuels via its dissolution in sub-acid iron nitrate aqueous solutions accompanied by simultaneous extraction of the above mentioned complex into «TBP — SC-CO2» phase is demonstrated.

Key words: supercritical fluid extraction, liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, complexation, tributyl phosphate, aqueous Fe(III) nitrate solutions

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