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2015, N4, pp. 18-35

Ameer Abed Jaddoa, A.A. Zakharov, T.R. Bilalov, R.R. Nakipov, I.R. Gabitov, Z.I. Zaripov, F.M. Gumerov

Some Thermodynamic Properties of AnthraceneCarbon Dioxide Mixture in Supercritical Fluid State

In the framework of the development of the catalyst regeneration procedure via supercritical fluid CO2 extraction, some thermodynamic properties of the anthracene carbon dioxide mixture in supercritical fluid state are measured. The data on anthracene solubility in pure and modified (dimethyl sulfoxide, 5 wt. %) supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2), heat capacity of anthracene and its mixtures with carbon dioxide, as well as the heat of solution of anthracene in SC CO2 are presented. The anthracene solubility in SC CO2 is satisfactorily described using the Peng-Robinson equation of state.

Key words: anthracene, supercritical carbon dioxide, the solubility of the specific heat, the thermal effect


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