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2016, N1, pp. 16-24

R.Yu. Novotortsev, S.A. Chernyak, S.V. Savilov, V.V. Lunin

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes/Alumina Composites in Supercritical Media

Nanosized composites based on multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNT) and Al2O3 are obtained in the supercritical (SC) media (water, hexane, and their mixture). Materials of the same net composition are obtained by hydrothermal synthesis and sol-gel method for comparison. The composites were characterized by electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis. The structure of materials synthesized in SC media depends on the fluid composition. The most uniform composite containing the alumina particles with the size comparable to the diameter of the CNT and stabilized on the carbon surface can be obtained using a SC mixture of hexane and water as a medium. If water and hexane are used separately, the formation of large alumina crystals on the CNT surface, or the contamination of the composite by the products of hexane pyrolysis and carbonization are respectively observed.

Key words: supercritical water, supercritical hexane, carbon nanotubes, alumina, nanomaterials, composite materials


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