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2016, N1, pp. 72-83

A.A. Vostrikov, D.Yu. Dubov, M.Ya. Sokol, O.N. Fedyaeva

Partial and Complete Oxidation of Brown Coal in a Supercritical Water-Oxygen Fluid at Counter Flow Supply of Reactants

The oxidation of brown coal continuously supplied as a coal-water slurry into a counter flow of supercritical water-oxygen fluid at 30 MPa and the temperature difference in the reactor along its axis (673—873 K) is studied. If a part of coal is burnt in the conditions of O2 deficiency, the yield of products enriched with hydrogen is increased at the expense of the producing heat of oxidation reactions. In excess of O2 the complete oxidation of coal occurs; in this case the heat generation per unit volume of furnace space about 1.0 MW/m3 is reached. It is shown that the heat expenditures from external sources required to carry out the process can be partially or completely compensated by the heat generated during homogeneous and heterogeneous combustion coupled with the coal pyrolysis.

Key words: brown coal, coal-water slurry, supercritical water-oxygen fluid, combustion, gasification


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