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2016, N1, pp. 84-91

D.Yu. Zalepugin, .V. Maksimkin, M.V. Kiselevsky, N.A. Tilkunova, N.Yu. Anisimova, I.V. Chernyshova, F.S. Senatov, M.I. Vlasov

Sterilization of Ultra High Density Polyethylene in Subcritical Freons

For the first time the ability of ultra high density polyethylene (UHDPE) sterilization with subcritical freons R22 and R410a without any modificators is demonstrated. The maximum sterilization effect is achieved when freon R410a is used in a static regime at 50 °C and 250 bar during 30 min and with freon R22 during 60 min at 70 °C at a cyclic pressure variation between 100 and 290 bar (press-depress mode).

Key words: subcritical freons, sterilization, press-depress regime, ultra high density polyethylene


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