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2016, N2, pp. 04-13

E. N. Antonov, S.E. Bogorodski, L. I. Krotova, V.K. Popov, V.Yu. Belov, S.V. Kursakov, V. I. Sevastyanov

Formation of Injection Form Components of Prolonged Action Acetilsalicylic Acid Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

The formation of fine-dispersed (10—100 μm) forms of bioresorbable ali phatic polyesters containing acetilsalicylic acid (ASA) in therapeutic concentrations (up to 10 % wt.) from the supercritical carbon dioxide medium is studied. The procedure for the production of the prolonged action injection forms of ASA is developed. The in vitro kinetics of the ASA release from polylactide microparticles into the saline is studied.

Key words: dosage forms of the prolonged action, polymeric microparticles, encapsulation of bioactive components, supercritical carbon dioxide, acetilsalicylic acid, kinetics of release, HPLC


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