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2016, N2, pp. 39-52

A.A. Zakharov, Ameer Abed Jaddoa, T. R. Bilalov, F.M. Gumerov

Treatment of Cotton Fabrics by Ammonium Palmitate in Supercritical CO2 Medium

Experimental results on the solubility of ammonium palmitate as a potential fabric water-repellent agent in supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) — pure and modified with acetone and dimethyl sulfoxide — are presented. The measurements are performed at temperatures 318.2 and 328.2 K in the pressure range from 10.0 to 32.5 MPa in a dynamic regime. The experimental solubility data are described using the Peng — Robinson equation of state. The results of treatment of various types of cotton fabrics by ammonium palmitate in SC-CO2 are presented. The contact (wetting) angle of the treated samples is determined and the increase in their hydrophobicity is demonstrated.

Key words: ammonium palmitate, supercritical carbon dioxide, solubility, cotton fabric, impregnation, wetting angle, hydrophobicity


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