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2016, N2, pp. 75-83

F.M. Gumerov, V.F. Khairutdinov, T.R. Akhmetzyanov, F.R. Gabitov, Z. I. Zaripov, M.I. Farakhov, A. V. Mukhutdinov

Supercritical Fluid Propane-Butane Extraction Treament of Oil Sludge

The extraction by the mixture of propane and butane (3 : 1 by weight) in liquid and supercritical fluid state at 85—160 °C and 5—50 MPa is used to obtain an oil-like product from dehydrated oil sludge containing 12.05% wt. of solid particulates. The extracted product contains 2.8% wt. sulfur; at 20 °C its kinematic viscosity is 73.75 mm2/s, density — 80 kg/m3; the initial and final boiling temperatures are 43.6 and 325 °C, respectively. The data on the kinetics of the extractant desorption from the extract are presented.

Key words: extraction, propane, butane, oil sludge, supercritical fluid, kinetics


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