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2016, N4, pp. 54-65

F.M. Gumerov, M.I. Farakhov, V.F. Khairutdinov, F.R. Gabitov, Z.I. Zaripov, Е.Е. Kameneva, T.R. Akhmetzyanov

Supercritical Fluid Impregnation of Crushed Stone with Deasphaltizate Obtained from Oil Residue

The results of experimental realization and research of processes of receiving heavy oil residue is deasphaltized and crushed carbonate stone is impregnated with so-obtained deasfaltizate using propane-butane mixture as a solvent in liquid and supercritical fluid states, correspondingly. The heavy oil residue is obtained from highviscosity oil using thermal-steam method.

Key words: high-viscosity oil, thermal-steam method, oil residue, deasphaltization, carbonate crushed stone, pore space structure, X-ray computer microtomography, impregnation, supercritical fluid state


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