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2017, N1, pp. 50-68

I.Sh. Khabriev, V.F. Khairutdinov, Z.I. Zaripov, F.M. Gumerov, V.A. Petrov, N.V. Kuznetsova, R.M. Khuzakhanov

Some Thermodynamic Characteristics of Paracetamol Dispersing Using the SEDS Method

Solubility of paracetamol in supercritical carbon dioxide and its mixtures with acetone is experimentally studied. Isobaric heat capacities of paracetamol and paracetamol SCCO2, paracetamol acetone SCCO2 systems at 303523 K and 729 MPa are measured. The results of paracetamol dispersing using the SEDS (Solution Enhanced Dispersion by Supercritical Fluids) method are presented.

Key words: paracetamol, supercritical CO2, phase equilibrium, solubility, heat capacity, dispersing using SEDS method


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