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2017, N2, pp. 19-25

E.V. Vetrova, S.V. Kurbatov, S.N. Borisenko, A.V. Lekar, S.S. Khizrieva, N.I. Borisenko, V.I. Minkin

Synthesis of Seco-Glaucine as a Model Study for Synthesis of Phenanthridone Alkaloids from Herbal Aporphine Alkaloids

The synthesis of phenanthrene alkaloid seco-glaucine from herbal aporphine alkaloid glaucine in subcritical water is studied at 100—250 °C with no catalytic additived. The maximum product yield (∼ 80 %) that is reached at 250 °C is virtually independent on the amount of the initial compound. The product can be directly preci pitated from the reaction mixture if its concentration is sufficiently high. No use of constly and toxic organic solvents is required.

Key words: subcritical water, aporphine alkaloids, glaucine, phenanthrene alkaloids, seco-glaucine, HPLC


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