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2017, N2, pp. 35-48

N.V. Menshutina, D.D. Lovskaya, A.E. Lebedev, E.A. Lebedev

Production of Sodium Alginate-Based Aerogel Particles Using Supercritical Drying in Units of Different Volume

A complex study of the production of sodium alginate aerogel particles by emulsion gelation and dripping methods followed by drying in supercritical carbon dioxide. The factors that affect the characteristics of the obtained materials are determined. The above mentioned methods are tested on a semi-industrial level using high pressure homogenization and spraying through pneumatic nozzles. The resulting gel particles were dried in a supercritical carbon dioxide medium using the equipment of 0.25 and 2 L volume of drying vessels. The necessary characteristics and quality of the obtained aerogels do not decline at production scaling-up.

Key words: supercritical fluids, aerogel, supercritical drying, homogenization, spraying


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