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2017, N3, pp. 40-49

D.Yu. Zalepugin, N.A. Tilkunova, I.V. Chernyshova, M.I. Vlasov

Polystyrene Treatment in Sub- and Supercritical Media

For the first time the treatment of polystyrene in sub- and supercritical freon media in comparison with supercritical carbon dioxide was studied. Subcritical freon R22 can more efficiently saturate polystyrene than subcritical freon R410а and supercritical freon R23 and carbon dioxide. The subsequent heating of polystyrene samples saturated with R22 freon leads to the formation of the polymer with connected porous structure and average pore size up to 250 μm. The results obtained can be used in the development of technologies for porous polystyrene production.

Key words: polymers, porosity, supercritical fluids, subcritical freons, carbon dioxide


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