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2017, N3, pp. 50-69

I.A. Makaryan, A.Yu. Kostin, I.V. Sedov

Development of Functional Polymer Coatings Using Supercritical Fluids: Technologies, Markets, Prospects

This review analyzes the studies and developments of technologies based on the use of supercritical fluids for micronization of polymer particles and formation of efficient powder polymer coatings. Potential advantages of supercritical fluid technologies that combine different stages of powder coating formation in a unified flowsheet are considered. Possible further trends in the scientific and engineering research are identified. The growth of powder coatings global market in perspective to the year 2020 is forecasted.

Key words: supercritical fluids, micronization, polymerization, polymer microparticles, functional powder coatings, market forecast


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