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2017, N3, pp. 70-81

A.E. Lazhko, K.N. Bardakova, B.S. Shavkuta, S.N. Churbanov, M.A. Markov, T.A. Akopova, O.O. Parenago, A.M. Grigoryev, P.S. Timashev, V.V. Lunin, V.N. Bagratashvili

Supercritical Fluid Treatment of Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Matrixes Synthesized from Allilchitosan Using Laser Stereolithography

Hydrogel matrix structures (matrixes) based on the allyl-substituted chitosan derivatives are formed using the laser stereolithography. The effects of their processing in the supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) onto the surface polarity and mechanical characteristics are studied. It is found that such treatment of matrixes in the flow regime increases the mechanical strength due to an efficient extraction of low molecular weight components and oligomers from the material. In addition, the processing in the SC-CO2 decreases the surface polarity and, as a result, improves the biocompatibility of the material. The hydrogel matrixes treated in the SC-CO2 have no cytotoxic effect and are prospective materials for tissue engineering.

Key words: structured hydrogels, matrixes, laser stereolithography, supercritical carbon dioxide


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