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2017, N4, pp. 14-23

A.O. Rybaltovskii, V.M. Buznik, Yu.S. Zavorotny, N.V. Minaev, P.S. Timashev, S.N. Churbanov, V.N. Bagratashvili

Synthesis of Film Nanocomposites by Laser Ablation and Drift Embedding of Nanoparticles into Polymer in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

A new approach to the formation of film nanocomposites was proposed and realized based on the combination of two stages: nanoparticle synthesis by pulsed laser ablation in supercritical (SC) carbon dioxide and formation of the nanocomposite using the accelerated drift embedding of nanoparticles in SC-CO2 in one reactor and in a single technological process. Photoluminescent film nanocomposites based on a porous polytetrafluoroethylene-vinylidene fluoride copolymer and ruby nanoparticles were obtained and characterized. Scanning electron microscopy data showed that the size of the ruby particles embedded into the polymer matrix reached hundreds of nanometers. The subsequent hot pressing of film nanocomposites at 20 MPa and 160°C significantly improved their transparency and mechanical strength.

Key words: film nanocomposites, drifted embedding in SCF, laser ablation, nanorubines, porous copolymer


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