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2018, N1, pp. 40-50

T.R. Bilalov, F.M. Gumerov, R.F. Gatina

Extraction of Ether-Ethonol Mixture from Powders by the Example of Gunpowder Brand Sunar 308WIN Using Supercritical CO2

The results of experimental studies of solubility of diphenylamine in supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) are presented. Research was carried out at temperature 323.15 K in the pressure range from 10 to 35 MPa on the experimental plant implementing a dynamic research method, produced by Reaction Engineering, Ink. (South Korea). Experimental solubility data are described using the Peng Robinson equation of state. The results of SC-CO2-extraction process of ether-ethanol mixture from the samples of Sunar 308WIN brand gunpowder are presented, and process parameters corresponding to the maximum preservation of diphenylamine in the powder are defined, the efficiency of this process is shown.

Key words: supercritical carbon dioxide, diphenylamine, solubility, dynamic mode, SC-CO2-extraction


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