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2018, N2, pp. 03-14

A.A. Kholodkova, M.N. Danchevskaya, Yu.D. Ivakin, G.P. Muravieva, S.G. Ponomarev

Effect of Reagents on the Properties of Barium Titanate Synthesized in Subcritical Water

The structure and morphology of fine-crystalline barium titanate synthesized in a subcritical water fluid at 230 °C and 2.9 MPa were studied. Barium oxide, barium hydroxide octahydrate Ba(OH)2 ⋅ 8H2O and two modifications of titanium dioxide (rutile and anatase) were used as starting reactants. Relationships between the composition and properties of the reactants and the characteristics of the product (barium titanate) were revealed. They indicate that the product structure in the subcritical water is formed via a solid-phase mechanism.

Key words: synthesis of barium titanate, subcritical water fluid, barium titanate nanocrystals


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