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2018, N2, pp. 15-23

E.V. Maksimenko, A.V. Lekar, S.N. Borisenko, S.S. Khizrieva, E.V. Vetrova, N.I. Borisenko, V.I. Minkin

Development of One-Step (One-Pot) Technique for Production of Quercetin Antioxidant from Sophora Japonica L. Buds in Subcritical Water Medium

The possibility of obtaining quercetin (a natural antioxidant) from buds of Sophora japonica L. using subcritical water, which acts as a solvent and a reagent simultaneously was studied. The suggested approach avoids the use of expensive and toxic organic solvents, does not require separate extraction and hydrolysis steps and simplifies the purification of the product. A 13-fold reduction in treatment time was achieved compared with the traditional procedure to obtain high yield of quercetin. The loss of the target product in the production of the dried extract was reduced.

Key words: subcritical water, antioxidant, quercetin, rutin, hydrolysis, buds, sophora japanese, Sophora japonica L.


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