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2018, N2, pp. 50-55

D.Yu. Zalepugin, N.A. Tilkunova, I.V. Chernyshova, M.I. Vlasov

Treatment of Ultra High Density Polyethylene and Polyethylene Terephthalate in Sub- and Supercritical Freons Media

Process of saturation of ultra high density polyethylene with sub- and supercritical freons and supercritical carbon dioxide was investigated for the first time. It was shown that subcritical freon R22 can be absorbed in much larger amounts by these polymers than subcritical freon R410а, as well as supercritical R23 and carbon dioxide, which makes it promising for use in the processes of impregnation and sterilization of polymers.

Key words: polymers, supercritical fluids, subcritical freons, carbon dioxide.


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