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2018, N2, pp. 56-58

A.S. Kopylov, V.I. Yusupov, A.V. Cherkasova, I.V. Shershnev, P.S. Timashev, A.B. Solovieva

Features of Distribution of Photoactive Fillers in Polymeric Matrixes of Different Nature at their Impregnation in the Medium of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Fluorescence microscopy was used to study the distribution of photoactive compounds (PAC) in polymer matrixes impregnated in supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2). It is shown that the character of the PAC distribution in polymers depends on the nature of the matrix, the degree of interaction of the introduced compounds with polymer fragments, and the sizes of the photoactive compounds corresponding diffusion coefficients. Such information may be in demand for the development of functionally oriented polymer systems impregnated with РAС (heterogeneous catalysis, photochromic materials, medicine).

Key words: supercritical fluid impregnation, fluorescence microscopy, photoactive compounds


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