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2018, N3, pp. 90-96

A.D. Ivakhnov, K.S. Sadkova, A.S. Sobashnikova, T.E. Skrebets

Optimization of Extraction Process of Oil of Alcoholic Beverage Production Berry Waste on an Example of Rowanberry

Process of extraction of oil of the processed rowanberry has been optimized with use of central composite design of 2nd order. In work influence of pressure, temperature and duration on an extract exit is estimated. According to the used model optimum parameters are offered: duration of 72 minutes, temperature 85 °C and pressure 320,75 atm. The predicted oil exit (9,06 %) in these conditions is experimentally confirmed (9,02 %). The oil was characterized on antioxidant activity (AOA), fatty acids, acid number, iodic number and number of saponification. The oil received by hexane extraction was used as an example for comparison.
The work was carried out using the equi pment of the Centre of collective usage scientific equipment «Arctic» NArFU. The unique identifier is RFMEFI59417X0013.

Key words: mountain ash, oil, alcoholic beverage production, supercritical fluid extraction, carbon dioxide, structure


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