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2018, N3, pp. 97-102

V.F. Khayrutdinov, A.R. Gabitova, F.M. Gumerov, R.F. Gabitov, A.I. Kurdyukov

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Petroleum Products and Tar-Asphaltene Mixtures from High-Watercut Oil Sludges

The possibility of extracting petroleum products from oil sludges using liquid and supercritical fluid extraction is studied. The initial content of water and solid residues in the sludge sample was 30 and 5.9 wt. %, respectively. If the 3 : 1 (by weight) propanebutane mixture is used as extragent at 85—120 °C and 10—15 MPa, the petroleum product with substantially reduced viscosity and sulfur and water content can be obtained.

Key words: oil sludge, propane, butane, supercritical fluid state, supercritical fluid extraction


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