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2018, N3, pp. 20-32

N.N. Veryasova, A.E. Lazhko, D.E. Isaev, E.A. Grebenik, P.S. Timashev

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide — a Powerful Tool for Green Biomaterial Chemistry

In the review, the key aspects to the modification of biocompatible materials are described based on treatment in supercritical carbon dioxide medium. Main trends in the area include the fabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds, sterilization of medical devices, mammalian tissue decellularization and material impregnation with bio-active molecules. Due to non-destructive action of the supercritical carbon dioxide medium towards extracellular matrix’s architecture, preservation of inherent biomechanical properties and structure of treated biomaterials, avoidance of purification and postprocessing steps, the technique is considered as a powerful tool to solve the urgent issues of biomaterials science.

Key words: supercritical carbon dioxide, biomaterial processing, sterilization, decellularization, impregnation, tissue engineering


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