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2019, N2, pp. 14-22

A.V. Lekar, E.V. Maksimenko, S.N. Borisenko, S.S. Khizrieva, E.V. Vetrova, N.I. Borisenko, V.I. Minkin

One-pot-Technique for Production of Oleanolic Acid from the Roots of Aralia Mandshurica by Subcritical Water

The presented work is aimed at the development a one-pot-technique for production oleanolic acid (OA) from the roots of Aralia mandshurica Aralia mandshurica Rupr. using the subcritical water (SBW). For the first time SBW that serves as a reactant and a solvent has been used to obtain OA in good yields starting from the roots of of Aralia mandshurica. This method of preparation of OA allows one to avoid the use of toxic organic solvents. The good yields of the targeted OA can be obtained for the period of time which is 16 times shorter than needed by the traditional procedures.

Key words: one-pot, roots of Aralia mandshurica, oleanolic acid, HPLC, subcritical water


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