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2019, N2, pp. 31-39

Yu.M. Panov, L.V. Erkhova, A.G. Balybin, D.P. Krutko, D.A. Lemenovskii

Cyclization of o-phenylenediamine and o-substituted Anilines with Carbon Dioxide in Supercritical State

It was demonstrated that tin(II) 2-ethylhexanoate and tin(II) oxide are effective catalysts for the reaction of cyclization of model arylamines o-NH2(C6H4)XH (X = NH, O, S, CH2NH) in supercritical carbon dioxide with the formation of benzo-1,3-azol-2- ones and 3,4-dihydroquinazolin-2-one. Optimal conditions for these reactions were found. Possible mechanisms for these processes are proposed depending on the used catalyst.

Key words: supercritical carbon dioxide, cyclization, benz-1,3-azol-2-ones, tin(II) derivatives


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