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2019, N3, pp. 26-31

N.V. Lakina, E.М. Sulman, V.Yu. Doluda, V.G. Matveeva

Biocatalytic Transesterification of Oleic Acid Triglyceride in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

The prospects of using catalysts based on immobilized li pase in the transesterification of oleic acid triglyceride (THC) with methanol in supercritical carbon dioxide was shown. At an optimum temperature of 40 °C; a CO2 pressure of 15.0 MPa and a THC : methanol = 1 : 3 molar ratio the yield of oleic acid methyl ester is significantly higher than that obtained in methanol at atmospheric pressure.

Key words: biodiesel, transesterification, supercritical CO2, enzymatic catalysis, li pase, magnetocompatible biocatalyst


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