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2019, N4, pp. 27-33

T.R. Bilalov, N.B. Zavjalova, F.M. Gumerov

Phase Diagram of the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Ethylcarbitol System

The phase diagram of the system CO2 diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (ethylcarbitol) was studied on isotherms 308, 318 and 323 K. The available literature data are supplemented by the results of this study. The obtained data are described using the PengRobinson equation of state and the Mukhopadhyaya and Rao mixing law. A range of thermodynamic parameters is proposed to effectively remove ethylcarbitol from polymers during their plasticization and to preserve the components of the finished product soluble in supercritical CO2.

Key words: supercritical carbon dioxide, ethylcarbitol, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, phase equilibrium


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