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2019, N4, pp. 34-41

A.V. Lekar, E.V. Maksimenko, S.N. Borisenko, S.S. Khizrieva, N.I. Borisenko, V.I. Minkin

One-Pot Technique for Transformation of the Aporphine Alkaloid Boldine to Phenanthrene Seco-Boldine by Subcritical Water

A one-pot method was developed and studied for the production of phenanthrene seco-boldine from the aporphine plant alkaloid boldine in a medium of subcritical water. The effectiveness of the proposed method for producing seco-boldine in a medium of subcritical water was studied in the temperature range from 100 to 230 °C. It has been established that the one-pot technique in the environment of subcritical water makes it possible to achieve a quantitative yield of seco-boldine in one step, without using any catalytic additives. The structure of the obtained product was confirmed by NMR-spectrometry and ESI MS-spectrometry. The proposed technique does not require the use of expensive and toxic organic solvents. The time-consuming of the proposed approach to producing seco-boldine is 30 minutes, which allows us to move on to the development of environmentally friendly low cost technologies for the production of seco-boldine in medium of subcritical water.

Key words: one-pot, aporphine alkaloids, boldine, seco-boldine, subcritical water, phenanthrene alkaloids, HPLC, NMR


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