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2019, N4, pp. 63-71

Synthesis of PolymerMetal Composites by Impregnation of Super-Crosslinked Polystyrene with Palladium Compounds in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and their Catalytic Activity in Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation of Diphenylacetylene

By impregnation of super-crosslinked polystyrene with palladium compounds in the

medium of supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) with their subsequent reduction by molecular hydrogen, composites particles of metallic palladium in the polymer matrix were obtained. The synthesized composites exhibit high catalytic activity in the liquid-phase hydrogenation of diphenylacylene, specific activity (TOF) is 1550 min-1, selectivity in the hydrogenation of one triple bond is 6080% at ~90 % conversion of the substrate.

Key words: crosslinked polystyrene, palladium compounds, supercritical carbon dioxide, composite, palladium particles, hydrogenation, diphenylacetylene, activity


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