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2017, N4, pp. 03-13

A.V. Lazarev, P.A. Tatarenko, K.A. Tatarenko

Gasdynamic Model of Expansion of the Pulse Jet of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. The Strategy of Experiment

On the basis of gasdynamic model of impulse jet expansion of a van der Waals gas a strategy experiment on determination of parameters of the transition coilglobule of polymer chain in supercritical carbon dioxide was developed. In view of the CO2 behavior in the near-critical region and isentropic process conditions of expansion correspond to the model was determined. Experimental design (geometry and dimensions of the basic elements of the installation, the duration of the impulse valve) was developed. Possible variants of the experiment and its data processing were discussed.

Key words: van der Waals gas, near-critical region, pulse supersonic jet, isentropic expansion, gasdynamic model of the expansion


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