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2019, N2, pp. 04-13

D.Yu. Zalepugin, V.A. Karpov, N.A. Tilkunova, Yu.L. Kovalchuk, I.V. Chernyshova, T.A. Semenova

Development of Polymer Waste Impregnation Method in Subcritical Freon R22 Media with Substances Promoting their Biodegradation in Nature

For the first time method of increasing the biodegradability of polymer films (LDPE) by the impregnation of polymer with the olive oil (model of food waste, so called “cooking oil”) has been proposed. For polymer modification subcritical (temperature 90 °C, pressure 280 bar) Freon R22 (difluorochloromethane) was used.Testing of polymers during 6 months under abnormally high temperature and humidity (Hoa Lack, Vietnam) demonstrated that biodegradation ratio of oil impregnated films was 3 times higher that of control samples. Identification of destructing microorganisms from testing films has been realized. Investigations show that proposed method may be perspective for solving the problem of polymer waste degradation in nature.

Key words: polymer films, biodegradation, subcritical Freon R22, ecology, microorganisms


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