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2016, N4, pp. 66-72

Yu.А. Khamzin, U.B. Imashev, Е.А. Udalova, R.R. Shiriyazdanov, E.K. Maksotov, А.R. Davletshin, M.U. Imasheva, O.N. Machmutova, E.G. Telyashev

Esterification of Dicarboxylic Acids with 2-Ethylhexanol in Supercritical Conditions

The results of the dicarboxylic esterification by 2-ethylhexanol in supercritical conditions are presented and the possibility of carrying out this reaction without the catalyst is confirmed. The formation of esters occurs with high rate and selectivity.

Key words: supercritical conditions, esterification, dicarboxylic acids, 2-ethylhexanol, esters


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