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2016, N4, pp. 73-79

E.V. Vetrova, E.V. Maksimenko, S.N. Borisenko, A.V. Lekar, N.I. Borisenko, V.I. Minkin

Extraction of Antioxidants Rutin and Quercetin from the Buds of Sophora Japanese (Sophora japonica L.) by Subcritical Water

The environmentally friendly method of rutin and quercetin extraction from the flower buds of Sophora japonica L. by subcritical water in the static mode is developed. Concentrations of the target compounds in extracts are determined using the HPLC method. The developed method demonstrates a high efficiency compared to the traditional one: similar yields of the target compounds can be obtained for a 10 times shorter time of extraction.

Key words: subcritical water, extraction, antioxidant, rutin, quercetin, Sophora japonica L.


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